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How long do refinished cabinets last?

How long do refinished cabinets last

How to Maintain Your Newly Painted Kitchen Cabinets for Years

If properly cared for, refinished kitchen cabinets can last up to ten years. This includes professional painting every 3-5 years, as well as regular cleaning and storage. There are a few things you should keep in mind when painting kitchen cabinets.

First and foremost, ensure that the paint you choose is of high quality. Not all paints are created equal, and some may not last as long.

Second, exercise caution when sanding and finishing the project. A minor misalignment or rough edges can quickly become visible and ruin your freshly painted cabinets.

Finally, keep your freshly painted cabinets clean and maintained.

You can ensure that your newly painted kitchen cabinets will last for years by following these simple tips!

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to update your look and keep your cabinets in good condition for many years. There are several methods for refinishing kitchen cabinets, each with its own set of advantages.

A sealer and paint are two options. This will protect the cabinet from moisture and paint wear while also giving it a new appearance. You can go with a more traditional color scheme or choose flat or eggshell colors.

If you don’t want to use a sealer, a coat of paint will suffice to protect the cabinet from moisture and UV radiation. This will give the cabinet a new appearance, but it will not last as long as a sealer.

Another option is to use wood filler to refinish kitchen cabinets. This will fill in any cracks or gaps in the wood and give the cabinet a new look. You can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Finally, you could simply leave your kitchen cabinets alone and later add new hardware or paint accents. This is a simple way to update your look without spending a lot of money on renovation projects.

Long-Term Paint Protection Tips

When you’re painting your kitchen cabinets, remember that they’ll need to be protected from the elements for at least a year. Here are some pointers to help ensure that your new paint job lasts:

1. Begin by painting the doors and drawers – This is probably the most important step, as these are the areas that will see the most wear and tear. Start with the colors that will be seen the most, such as white or light pink, if you’re painting cabinetry in multiple colors.

2. Apply a protective sealant – A good sealant will help protect your paint from water stains and other damage. Use one that is made specifically for wood products, such as Varathane’s Wood Finish Sealer or Sherwin Williams’ Crystal Clear Polyurethane.

3. Avoid harsh cleaners – Over-the-counter cleaners can remove the protective coating on your paint, causing scratching and other issues in the future. Avoid anything containing ammonia or bleach; instead, use a cleaner designed specifically for painted surfaces, such as Benjamin Moore’s All-Purpose Cleaner or Kilz’s Original Home & Decor Paint Cleaner & Stripper.

4. Use a cover to protect the furniture – If you don’t have the time or resources to paint everything at once, consider covering furniture in protective fabric covers like curtains or sheets before painting. This will keep your furniture looking nice.