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What do professionals use to refinish kitchen cabinets?

What do professionals use to refinish kitchen cabinets

Professionals Use Various Tools To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

It’s critical to use the right tools when refinishing kitchen cabinets. In this article, we’ll explain how professionals refinish kitchen cabinets and recommend a specific tool for you.

What is a Mechanical Sander?

A mechanical sander is a tool used to sand wood, plastic, or other materials. It has a rotating drum with a grinding surface on it. The sandpaper attached to the drum rubs against the surface of the drum, removing material.

Different types of mechanical Sanders are used in the kitchen for different tasks. A belt sander, for example, is great for quickly removing large amounts of wood, whereas a drum sander is better suited for detailed work.

Sanders are classified according to the type of sanding motion they use: belt, drum, or orbital.

Belt Sanders sand the surface being refinished with a rubber belt. Drum Sanders uses a rotating drum to create the same sanding motion. Orbital Sanders sand by orbiting around a central point.

Each type of Sanders has advantages and disadvantages. Belt Sanders are fast, but they can leave scratches or damage the wood surface. Drum Sanders are slower but less likely to leave gouges or damage the wood surface. Orbital Sanders are the slowest but produce the smoothest finish on wood surfaces.

How to Use a Mechanical Sanders

Different professionals use different tools to refinish kitchen cabinets. Some people use sanders, while others prefer dremels. Here’s how to use both:

To sand a cabinet with sandpaper, first lightly dust the surface with fine sandpaper. Then, using medium-grit paper, start smoothing out the surface. Finally, roughen up the finish with coarse sandpaper.

To refinish a cabinet with a dremel, first, remove any sharp edges from the cabinet. Then, using a dremel tool, scrape away any old finishes. Next, reapply the new primer and paint the cabinet’s surface. Finally, use the dremel tool to add scratches and highlights to the finish.

The Difference Between Sanding Paper and Sanding Block

When it comes to refinishing kitchen cabinets, there’s a big difference between sanding paper and a sanding block.

Sanding paper is typically made of paper or cloth and has very small, fine grains that are spread across the surface to be sanded. Because of their small size, the grains are easily blown away by air currents or movement, making it difficult to sand the area evenly.

A sanding block, on the other hand, is typically made of hardwood or plastic and has larger grains that are arranged in a circular pattern. This allows it to grip the surface more firmly while being sanded, resulting in a smoother finish.

Kitchen cabinets can be difficult to clean, but the effort is well worth it. You can make your kitchen cabinets look brand new again by using the right tools and techniques.